W Doha Hotel and Aman Hospital announced a groundbreaking partnership aimed at enhancing the overall guest experience by integrating luxury hospitality with top-notch healthcare services. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in redefining the standards of hospitality and guests’ well-being in Doha.

As leaders in their respective industries, W Doha and Aman Hospital have come together to create a unique offering that seamlessly blends the world of luxury hospitality with cutting-edge healthcare services. W Doha guests and residents will have exclusive and ease of access to a comprehensive range of services and treatments at Aman Hospital. This collaboration is built on a shared commitment to excellence and a dedication to providing guests with unparalleled services and experiences.

Aman Hospital is a pioneering institution at the forefront of elevating healthcare delivery in Qatar and the region, with a focus on patient-centred care; combining unparalleled professional expertise, cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art equipment and service excellence. Additionally, Aman Hospital is the 1st hospital globally outside the UK to become a member of Imperial College Private Healthcare. Imperial College Private Healthcare is linked to one of the largest networks of teaching hospital groups in the UK. Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust has five hospitals across northwest London.

Wassim Daageh, General Manager at W Doha, noted that this collaboration signifies the union of two service providers who share a common focus on guest experience, personalised attention, and offering top-notch facilities and services to their valued clientele. The partnership ensures W Doha’s guests and residents receive optimum care and attention in case of any medical requirement. It also strengthens our commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences and maintaining the highest standards of safety with the added assurance of medical support.’

Hassan Elbouatmani, Chief Hospitality & Operations at Aman Hospital, expressed joy in collaborating with W Doha. ‘Our integrated approach to health aligns perfectly with W Doha’s commitment to luxury, creating a seamless and unique offering for travellers seeking the best in hospitality and healthcare. This partnership allows our team of healthcare professionals at Aman Hospital to take care of the hotel guests and residents by ensuring their well-being and peace of mind.

Just like the seamless welcome experience at W Doha, individuals entering Aman Hospital step into an environment that combines unparalleled medical care and luxury hospitality. When hospitality meets innovation, and professional medical care is merged with deluxe services, the safety and comfort of guests comes as top priority. W Doha is dedicated to creating an environment that is secure and welcoming at all times.

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