W Doha Hotel & Residences announced a unique collaboration with Icosium AI & Robotics, specialised in developing next-generation collaborative robotic solutions for retail, event, food and beverage.

This collaboration comes as a joint effort to launch, during Eid Al Fitr, an interactive robot experience, where guests experience a delightful welcome, marking a new chapter in the art of hospitality. Situated in the hotel’s famously luxurious lobby, the robot will offer guests an unforgettable blend of refreshing beverages, futuristic service, and fun.

Wassim Daageh, General Manager of W Doha, expressed enthusiasm about introducing the new concept in partnership with Icosium AI & Robotics. ‘We are delighted to be the pioneer in introducing such a new concept with Icosium AI & Robotics. This creative addition not only aligns with our identity as an innovator in luxury hospitality but also resonates with Qatar’s Vision 2030 of embracing technological improvements and expansions for a sustainable future. We are excited to offer our visitors a unique and forward-thinking experience that embodies our commitment to innovation and excellence.”

Daageh further explained that this initiative stems from their experience in hospitality, recognising the importance of embracing and advancing technological trends. This realisation has inspired us to embrace new and original ideas, aligning with W Doha’s pioneering spirit and vision for the future of hospitality in Qatar.’

Billel Boudouma, CEO of Icosium AI & Robotics, also expressed excitement about partnering with W Doha Hotel, which he said is a brand renowned for pushing boundaries. ‘Their trust in our innovative approach allows us to showcase the potential of robotics to transform the guest experience. This collaboration is a testament to the exciting future of automation in the hospitality industry, not just in Qatar but across the region.’

This initiative also adds to W Doha’s dedication to leadership in sustainable hospitality practices, further supported by its existing innovations like partnering up with Google to launch the Google Assistant interpreter in addition to the keyless room access services. W Doha also continues to redefine the frontiers of luxury hospitality, with the introduction of the automated mixologist, which is a glimpse into the hotel’s visionary approach to guest services, promising an extraordinary blend of tradition and innovation set to enhance all aspects of hospitality and guest services in Qatar.

About Icosium AI & Robotics

Icosium AI & Robotics is a French born, GCC-based pioneering robotics startup established by a group of innovators with international experience in robotics, leading consultancies and scale ups. The company is dedicated to developing and deploying advanced AI-powered robotic solutions for various industries across the GCC region and beyond. Their mission is to revolutionise industries through intelligent automation while fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the region.

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