Wa’hab, a forum founded to reduce food wastage and redistribute surplus food to those in need, in collaboration with several food outlets has come together this Ramadan to distribute Iftar meals to those in need in different areas in Qatar.

Founded in 2016 by Wardah Mamukoya, Wa’hab aims at delivering surplus food to those in need. Every Ramadan, Wa’hab runs an iftar drive, distributing thousands of meals to the less privileged in Qatar. With donations and the help of volunteers from across the country, more than 5,000 iftar meals were distributed in Ramadan last year. This year, Wa’hab aims to distribute more meals.

Talking about the inspiration behind the establishment of Wa’hab, Wardah said,

When Rasoolullah (saw) arrived in Madinah, he was asked what was considered among the best deeds, to which he (saw) replied, ‘To feed the people, to give salam to those whom you know and you don’t know and to offer the night prayers’. The first two are aimed at connecting the community together, and this is what Wa’hab aims to do.’

‘Kindess in a Box’ at The Royal Grammar School, Guildford in Qatar (RGS)

Al Meera, Malabar Live Restaurant & Grills, and McDonald’s are just a few of the food outlets Wa’hab has collaborated with to distrubte meals during the month of Ramadan. Working closely with Wa’hab, Malabar Live Restaurant & Grills collects a donation of QAR10 per meal for the ‘Wa’hab Iftar Drive’.

In addition, Wa’hab launched ‘Kindness in a Box’, a campaign where schools donate non-perishable food items, which are then distributed to those in need in the community. Wa’hab is also launching ‘Eid Gift Boxes’ where they will collaborate with local organisations to prepare gift boxes for distribution during the three-day holiday, Eid Al Fitr.

With certain guidelines for food donations, Wa’hab welcomes anyone and everyone to donate surplus food. When it comes to surplus food at social gatherings, Wardah believes that the customers and clients together can help diminish this issue. ‘They need to ensure with the restaurants or food outlets that the surplus good food from the gatherings will be donated and not thrown away,’ she said.

wahab iftar kit distribution

Teaming up with Ecolife Qatar, Wa’hab has distributed approximately 1,000 meals in sugarcane pulp packaged biodegradable containers and hopes to do more in the future. The team of Wa’hab also offers composting solutions to their clients and has supply chain arrangements from Australia, South Korea and the United States.

With empathy and selflessness, volunteers or “food heroes” take the step to bring joy in different households during this holy month. Driven by energy and enthusiasm, the team behind Wa’hab and its volunteers hope to build a platform where more good can be done in society and show that it doesn’t take much but a good heart to do some good in the society we live in.

Donations can be made directly to Malabar Live Restaurant & Grills, or via an online transfer:

  • Quote “Wa’hab iftar drive”
  • QNB
  • Malabar Live Restaurant & Grill
  • QA68 QNBA 0000 0000 0260 1963 6000 1

For more information, visit Wa’hab’s Facebook page.

Author: Ahona Saha

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