Seventeen high school students with passion for science spent the summer at Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar (WCM-Q), gaining hands-on experience in biomedical research.

The students, aged 16 to 18 years old, completed the Research Internship for National High School Students, which gave them the opportunity to learn a wide range of practical research skills while working at state-of-the-art laboratories under the supervision of world-class biomedical research professionals of WCM-Q.

In addition to introducing students to various research techniques, the programme also offers Qatari nationals a glimpse of what a career in biomedical research would be like, shows them the study paths available to them, and provides classes on self-directed study, time-management and research administration. Students who complete the programme log 50 to 100 hours of voluntary community service, depending on whether they choose the two-week or four-week option.

Delivered by WCM-Q’s Research Division, the programme has now completed its fifth annual cycle and has delivered research training to 40 high school students. Many of those who complete the programme are inspired to apply to study medicine at WCM-Q.

Shahd Al Mughanni of Al Arqam Academy for Girls completed the programme this year, spending two weeks in the lab of Dr Frank Schmidt, Director of Proteomics Core at WCM-Q.

What excites me about research is that you get the chance to think differently and come up with innovative ideas and solutions. In this phenomenal high school research internship, I was completely fascinated by the study of Proteomics. I got the chance to work in the lab, observe the diligence of researchers and ask them questions. For future career plans, I am planning to study medicine and serve my country through clinical care and research.’

Christy Poppe, senior research training specialist at WCM-Q, said that this year’s cohort showed great intellectual curiosity and real dedication to the programme.

This positive attitude meant that they were able to have an extremely valuable experiences and gain a real understanding of just how rewarding a career in research could be. It is this enthusiasm and talent that will contribute to Qatar’s emerging role as a world-leading research destination.’

This year’s programme was completed by students from the following high schools: Qatar Academy, International School of London – Qatar, Newton International School, Al Arqam Academy for Girls, Al Bayan Secondary School for Girls, Global Academy International, Ali Bin Jassim Bin Mohammad Al Thani Secondary School for Boys, and Park House English School.

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