Three-star Michelin chef from Spain, Dani García, one of the highly-acclaimed Andalusian chefs in the world, is opening the first branch of BiBo restaurant in Qatar at the The St. Regis Doha this week. 

Chef Dani Garcia
Chef Dani Garcia

Before the opening of BiBo Doha to the public this Monday, 13 January, the restaurant hosted a four-day event for members of the diplomatic community, VIP guests, and media to introduce the inspiration and history of BiBo, and showcase its offerings. Over four days, guests had the opportunity to try the restaurant’s cuisine first-hand, meet Chef Dani and learn and taste his extraordinary skills and passion for food.

García was born in the coastal town of Marbella where he opened the first BiBo restaurant that now attracts national and international attention. As much as he is now known as an innovator, he is still primarily a chef with pride in his native land, a pride he has carried with him throughout his career in Spain and beyond.

A graduate of La Consula Hospitality School in Málaga, García was among the several apprentices of iconic Spanish Chef Martín Berasategui, who, in turn, became leaders in modern Spanish cuisine. As his career progressed, García found himself combining local Andalusian flavours with his own imagination and cutting-edge technique.

It was in the kitchen of Calima in 2004 that García first developed culinary applications for liquid nitrogen, now a modernist culinary staple. In addition to experiments with other beloved Andalusian ingredients, García is also credited for discovering that certain marine species ‘blow up’ when submerged in a certain temperature of olive oil, their skin cooking crisply while the flesh inside steams.

A Culinary Travel Guide

BiBo’s name comes from the actual Spanish pronunciation of the word ‘Vivo’ which means lively, and which perfectly reflects the chef’s personality and cuisine style. BiBo is a dynamic, eclectic and carefree space where different environments coexist in harmony. BiBo restaurants share the same Andalusian character while making reference to different parts of the world. The BiBo vision is to continue evolving the Spanish cuisine forward while introducing new international flavours in each dish.

Bibo Doha DishBibo Doha DishChef Dani said he aims to bring together dishes that his gastronomic memory has been accumulating during his trips within and outside of Spain.

My restaurant is a culinary travel guide created to enjoy a global cuisine fused with my own roots. I hope all our guests in Doha will enjoy our unique Spanish cuisine with our own personalised international twist.’

Chef Dani is heavily involved in the creation of the menu. Amongst the special dishes at the restaurant are the Brioche De Rabo De Toro, the one and only oxtail brioche with the famous B’bull sauce; the Ceviche De Corvina, with striped bass and ají Amarillo ceviche; and the Atún A La Parilla with grilled tuna tenderloin, sautéed mixed green beans with mint and warm aji panca red pepper sauce.

BiBo Doha dishes are also inspired by the Middle East region with the use of spices, almonds honey, saffron. Tabbouleh, for example is served with couscous and roast baby chicken as a Moroccan version of the traditional starter.

Cherry Gazpacho, Steak Tartar and stuffed chicken are just a few of the dishes featured on the menu, although diners might also be lured in by the restaurant’s Raw Bar and Seafood, with its wide selection of oysters and tuna among many other items.

BiBo Doha is also in collaboration with renowned chef Santiago Guerrero, who is also very excited to participate in the opening of the restaurant’s branch in Doha. He said that the connection between Spain and Qatar is unmistakable with the two countries sharing a very good relationship.

We are sure that Doha residents will grasp our concept and enjoy our unique offering.’

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