The Dromedary Club started out as a leather crafting company has grown into a truly unique community hub in Doha for people to socialise, learn, work, and just relax. The club offers a wide range of activities and learning workshops as well as space for groups and clubs to meet and hang-out.

Here the industrial feel of wood, metal and concrete isn’t a gimmick, this is what The Dromedary Club is all about. Building and creating, whether it’s a new idea, product, or relationship – the casual, creative feel makes it the perfect place.

Inside the Club, you’ll find our Coffee Shop and Roastery, Barber Shop, Game Space, Leather Workspace and Showroom. Fitted out with comfy chairs and couches, free highspeed Wi-Fi, power connections at every table, and the only air-conditioned smoking section in the area, making sure there is something for everyone.

The Dromedary Club

Every day of the week we always have something unique happening here at The Dromedary Club. Four nights a week from 7 pm – 9 pm each of our departments will conduct learning workshops and every week is something new:

Sunday: Barber Workshop – our barbers offer workshops on different aspects of hair and beard care and at the end, participants go home with care products as gifts.

Monday: Barista Workshop – our baristas teach about coffee and the art of making different drinks, the participants go home with gifts every week. We also have gaming tournaments and workshops nights in the custom gaming space run by Geeks & Gamers.

Tuesday: Leather Craft Workshop – our leather craftspeople teach about leather crafting and participants get to make something new from scratch by themselves which they get to keep.

Wednesday: Coffee Roasting Workshop – Our Partners at Shade Artisan Roasters will be teaching different parts and processes of coffee roasting and participants will leave with freshly roasted speciality coffee beans.

Thursday: we will be hosting different speakers and activities on a wide range of topics.

Friday: Biker Day – when we welcome all the biker clubs, groups and individual riders to come and join us for our special breakfast.

Saturday: Family and Furry Friend Day – sponsored by QAWS, Hakuna Matata Dog Bakery, and Funtastic. From 8 am – 5 pm guests are welcome to bring their furry family members along with them. There will be Lego Education for the children, board games for everyone, and treats and gifts for the furry ones.

The Dromedary Club

During the day we have different book clubs, English language classes, community groups, and other social gatherings that are constantly joining us and find the environment perfect for their gatherings.

Our Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Eventbrite pages are constantly updated with the latest details about current and upcoming events at The Dromedary Club.

Located at the junction of C-Ring and Salwa Rd. (The Ramada Signal) you can’t miss us. Just look for the Funky Camel Face wearing his Sunglasses. Don’t worry about parking, we have free valet parking every night starting at 5 pm and for our workshops and events we have a shuttle service from the parking lot by ‘Toys R Us’ just down the street.

For any further details or for a Special Tour of The Dromedary Club please contact:

The Dromedary Club Contact