Doha College finished off the celebration of the International Week by dedicating the last day of festivities to ‘Britishness’. The annual International Week is marked by many educational establishments around the world.  

This year’s theme was ‘British Sporting Heroes’, and the entire school delved into inspiring stories of great self-sacrifice and hard work that brought achievements, success and recognition to the sporting heroes of the United Kingdom.

Two outstanding British athletes visited Doha College for the occasion and held assemblies with the primary level students. Former Olympian and coach to Sir Mo Farah, John Nuttall shared an inspirational recount of how he achieved his status; while former Olympian and World Champion Liz McColgan spoke about the determination and grit required to make it to the top.

The sports theme of the day was reinforced by the involvement of Evolution Sports Qatar, an academy that works in close association with Doha College to bring the highest standards of sports coaching to children. They organised relay and obstacle courses for all children in Primary, who were delighted to take part and try their hardest for their teams.

The students and staff in both Primary and Secondary school donned red, white and blue for the day, and shared stories of their favourite British Sporting Heroes, and the values and attributes that steered them on their paths to greatness.

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