The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) this week announced updates on the travel and return policy related to the country’s COVID-19 precautions, which will start at 6 pm on Sunday, 4 September, for travellers arriving in Qatar.

The new policies were based on the latest COVID-19 indicators. According to MoPH, the travel and return policy is part of the State’s strategy to combat COVID-19, as strict application of the policy has proven to play a very important role in maintaining the decline in COVID-19 infection rates in the country over the past years.

These changes include ending the use of the current RED LIST classification, ending quarantine requirements for all travellers arriving from abroad. Travellers with COVID-19 must still undergo quarantine procedures in accordance with procedures mandated in Qatar, upon arrival.

The required tests before or after arrival will continue to be carried out regardless of vaccination status. Citizens and residents are still required to undergo rapid antigen testing within a period of 24 hours upon arrival at any one of the health centres affiliated to the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) or at any private medical centres approved by MoPH.

Visitors should bring a PCR test certificate with a negative result valid for 48 hours or a rapid antigen test with a negative result valid for 24 hours, from the date of the scheduled flight to the State of Qatar.

Qatar also removed its mask mandate following a Cabinet decision this week.

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